I’ve been driving in Sydney peak traffic for the last 18 months and in that time I’ve learnt a thing or two:
* A wave will not make me feel better about you cutting me off
* Just because you drive a “better” car than me doesn’t mean I’m going to let you in
* Stear clear of the trucks, they mean business ( why are they on the road in peak, wouldn’t it be better business sense if they travelled outside of peak)
* Trucks and slow vehicles should stay out of the fast lane. If you’re not going the speed limit leave the rest of us alone
* Motorbikes will weave in and out in front of you and along side of you whether there is enough space or not
* People will use the slip lane like a normal traffic lane and wonder why you didn’t see them (Yes I’m talking to you black Lancer)
* P- players can not drive
* Flashing your lights and driving right up behind me will not make the trip faster if the person in front of me is going slow
* There are no shortcuts in Sydney. As soon as you find one so does everyone else
* Why do people change lanes in a dangerous fashion cutting off heaps of people just to get one car ahead?
* Having someone in the car with you makes the trip better. I recommend carpooling
* Most days I feel like committing hare kare on the roads, but then I’d be the one blocking the M4
* A day without an accident or a broken down bomb of a car is a miracle, savour it
* School holidays is great for traffic
* Some days I wish I had a gun
* Scratch the gun, already to many on streets
* The traffic report is always at least 1/2 hour behind, don’t believe a word they say
* Don’t talk on phone whilst driving
* Look out for a beat up blue Mitsubishi 380, give us a wave if you see me in the morning


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