Has been a massive weekend of Sport across Australia with the two major winter codes ending their seasons with style

  • If you can make it to the game i recommend it, such atmosphere
  • Be prepared to pay through the nose for everything if you do get to the game, not a cheap exercise unless you hang around outside the stadium, same atmosphere with less cost
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s not your preferred sport or if you understand it, pick a team and support them to the end
  • It’s funny when friends pick a team that lose, all of a sudden you don’t hear too much from them (unless they are true fans)
  • Don’t go too hard on the Friday night, will wreck you for the rest of the weekend (unless you are young and are able to cope with those sort of stresses easily)
  • Beer is the traditional beverage of the Grand Final, Now all you have to do is decide what beer it will be
  • Having a party can be a mine field (see beer entry)
  • If you are having a party ensure the attendees either all support the same team or there is an even mix
  • Remember the best three letters in the English language (regarding a party anyway) BYO!!!!!!!
  • If the public holiday falls on the same weekend, take full advantage
  • If you don’t want to be disturbed during a particular GF turn your phone off, Don’t blame me if you miss something because you answered your phone
  • Don’t forget to spare a thought for the lonely soles that work at the Grounds. Without them the quality of the experience would be reduced
  • Ensure you have a jersey handy, doesn’t matter if it is from one of the participating teams or even the same sport, just wearing  jersey let others know you’re serious about sport
  • Remember that Police will be out in force, don’t do anything silly
  • After the GF you may feel a little dejected, remember it only 4 months until the footy will start again
  • Make a decision what to follow over the summer, In Australia the choices are Cricket of Soccer. Pick a team and stick with them
  • Doesn’t matter how seriously you take the game, it is all about fun, leave it on the field

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