Having written a user’s manual to an Access program I wrote I’ve learnt the following:
* You need to write to your audience, even if you don’t know what that audience might be
* Trying to not assume the reader will make the same assumption as you will is near impossible
* Add pictures, makes it look pretty
* Add more detail, when you think you have enough add more
* Get someone to proof it for you, preferably another user of the program you wrote the manual for
* Use the manual to train someone else to use the program
* Ensure you know how to use the program properly, otherwise the manual will be useless
* Put your name on it
* Keep a copy for yourself, never know when it might come in handy
* Show the boss, you might just get a pay rise
* Make sure the boss wanted you to write the program and the manual, otherwise you might not get the pay rise
* If the program and the manual is good you may be able sell it
* Like writing, otherwise the manual may nit be as good as could be
* It’s not as hard as it seems, don’t procrastinate
* Make sure the program is finished, or else you may need to rewrite the manual (I did it three times)


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