Today at work it was a bit slow
* It’s no fun wasting time at work if the boss approves
* It’s even less fun if you are forced to waste time because you are being prevented from working by other idiots
* The newspaper online is not as good as the real deal, I for one will be sad when they are made extinct
* There is only so many times a day you can check all of your email accounts, internet bank and Facebook
* YouTube is not as good when you need to keep turning it down for fellow workers to talk on the phone
* 2 hour lunches are good but not on your own
* I actually twiddled my thumbs, not so much fun
* I did get to chat to all of my coworkers for extended periods of time which good
* The boss doesn’t approve of me wasting time at work by distracting everyone else
* No one needed help with anything I was willing to do
* I did learn how to become a RABRSQ accredited auditor
* Reading government plans is interesting but I wouldn’t do if I had better things to do


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