Having spent the weekend drinking with to boys on the end of season footy trip away at a country race meeting there are many lessons to share
* The supermarket is your best friend in the morning
* No matter how many times you say it, you had enough to drink last night
* Don’t say you’ll never do it again, you’ll only prove yourself wrong
* Make the most of it now, it will stop eventually. I’m sure it will
* why is my voice so hoarse?
* If you can still taste beer two days later you had too much
* Never too much
* You should have danced more over the weekend
* Betting sensibly at the races was the tight thing to do
* Playing up is always better 400km away
* Don’t volunteer to drive the bus home, you’ll end up being the only one awake
* Keep busy at work, will help the body recover
* If the hangover persists consult a barman, or doctor. Whomever you think is more appropriate
* Breathe, you will feel better
* I watched TV, but should I have gone to the gym?
* Don’t tell anybody at work you’re hungover, they already know and they will make fun of you
* Find someone who had a worse weekend than you
* Sleep as much as possible
* Eat healthy, grease will only amplify the feeling and make it drag on
* Drink lots of water ( that’s a general rule, not necessarily an after bender lessons)
* The biggest lesson I learnt was I love it


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