I woke up stupid early today, unsure why
* There’s nothing to do and no one to talk to
* It’s very dark
* There’s one bird that seems to wake early, its song is not that beautiful. What happened to the early bird catching worms. Must be these lazy gen-y birds
* If I left for work now I would be the first there and would have to unlock
* if I ate now I wouldn’t make it to lunch
* Radio is playing yesterday’s shows again
* it must be early, I can’t hear many cars on the road yet
* Staring at the roof is not much fun
* There’s not much going on on Facebook either
* Given too much time to think, the prospects of the day get graver and graver ( see Lessons Learnt in outdoor advertising)
* The thought of going to the gym had crossed my mind, but who wants to do that to themselves this early in the morning
* Tomorrow I will go to bed a bit later I think


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