It has been a very busy weekend but I’m not sure I have actually learnt anything, We’ll see I guess
* Not every day requires a lesson learnt, but it is nice if you can take away an experience, positive or negative
* Sometimes a lesson needs to be learned over and over again for it to sink in
* The only way to learn anything is to get out there, otherwise you have no hope
* Perhaps some days are for teaching not learning
* Remember that experience can be banked, the full lesson may not be realised immediately, a few more deposits may be required
* Perhaps constant learning isn’t as useful as it may seem, people may need to forget every now and then
* Collective learning can be more effective, time spent sharing lessons learnt (over a beer) can avoid requiring to learn yourself
* I love listening to other people talk, even if it is absolute crap
* Some lessons learnt aren’t for sharing


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