This week has been a test of my patience. Sitting around waiting (for various events to occur) is killing me slowly
* There is nothing on day time TV, and what little is on is crap
* Communication is paramount, whilst your waiting anything anyone says is frustrating because you get told either “keep waiting” or “I don’t know what the hold up is”.
* Food is the worst enemy of the waiter
* Boredom and waiting go hand in hand, I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do but can’t do any of it until the wait is over
* There’s nothing worse than after the wait events aren’t quite complete. Just get it done
* It seems like the more you pay to have something done the more you will have to wait
* At least I can lie down
* Perhaps I need to write a book or study so that I can use my time waiting
* There is only so many times you can check your email and Facebook
* Waiting during the work day is worse because there is nobody else out and about


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