I have been to a fair few kids birthday parties, especially of late. There’s a fair few constants at these sort of soirees
* It’s all about the cake, the fancier the better
* Presents are recommended but not obligatory. Nothing better than getting a hug off a child that loves the present you gave them. Ask around to make sure you aren’t doubling up on the same gift
* Be prepared for the party to get noisy, whether its kids shouting, or kids crying or the toys making noise or adults at the party shouting at kids or at each other. It will be noisy
* Keep a keen eye out for babies trying to throw themselves off stairs or balconies. If you catch one there will be grateful patents around
* Don’t play too rough with the kids, they will start crying
* Trampolines will keep kids amused for hours. It seems that three is the limit for old school rectangle tramps, or 5 for round ones with “safety” nets
* The food is always good, I’ve had very few bad experiences with kids party food, although it is super sweet
* Mingle a bit, its always good catching up with old friends
* One thing I haven’t learnt yet is how many beers is appropriate. I figure as long as someone else is drinking with you its all good
* Be prepared to run around a bit, the kids will want you to interact with them, I suggest cricket. Fun enough without being too strenuous, plus the classic catch opportunities are plentiful
* If there is a jumping castle at the party you have struck gold. Take full advantage
* Choose your toilet break carefully, and be quick, you never know when a toilet emergency is going to occur
* Don’t start a conversation about politics, it will get noisy (adults yelling at each other). NB: unless this is what you want. Also there is a risk of one of the kids being better informed than yourself


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