Bit of a power outage this evening. Massive storm blew a tree branch onto powerlines
* It’s amazing how much you miss electricity, I’ve walked into my bedroom 5 times and gone to turn the power on each time
* Electrical item I miss most is the bathroom light/fan
* Mobile phone is working good, which is luck otherwise is might have had to amuse myself
* Big thanks to the police, SES and power company.
* Especially big thanks to the SES, I think I will donate some money
* Having the street blocked off has reduced traffic noise 100% but has raised chainsaw noise 1000%
* Watching trees be cut up is a pretty good spectator sport
* Tip of the day: know where you keep torches, batteries, candles and matches. Its a bit embarrassing not knowing. Lucky I have my miners head light
* Having a conversation over dinner without the TV’s background noise is a pleasant surprise
* Candle light is good but not all that effective
* I wish I had a book to read. I went looking but had read them all
* The blackout has brought all the neighbours out, I met a guy for the first time even though he’s lived across the street for years
* The power grid is amazing, three houses up still has power
* In my younger days I would have suggested we should drink all the beer, just so it doesn’t go warm
* Luck there’s nothing good on TV anymore, otherwise I may have missed it
* Haven’t seen any looters yet, neighbourhood must be getting better


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