Life in LA seems to move really fast. There isn’t much time to stop and see how people are doing. I booked a Room in a little place in Crenshaw and decided to go for a walk

  • LA has some amazing cultural locations that were really worth getting to see
    • LA County Museum of Art
    • Museum of Natural History
    • La Brea Tar Pits
    • Hollywood Boulevard
    • Staples Centre
    • Dodgers Stadium
  • Seeing an NBA game was underwhelming, I’m not sure what i was expecting, but there didn’t seems to be too much Hype. The nachos were amazing though (Go the Clippers)
  • Dodgers Stadium is an awesome venue, built into the side of a hill, It offers some of the best views of the city
  • LA is smoggy (well hazy to say the least), I was surprised with all the Green initiatives being undertaken in that town that it would still be so under the smog cloud
  • If you don’t have a car, stay in  the centre of town, LA is not a town where you walk, everything is too far away
  • Prepare yourself for the driving experience, LA was a really smooth driving town, despite the left hand drive, I found the locals to be courteous and really patient. LA has some good road rules as well
    • Right hand turn on red lights are allowed
    • Not really any turn signals to speak of, an unwritten rule of two cars can go through if the light turns red
    • Give way to pedestrians all the time when they are on the crossings, when there not it seems like they aim for them
  • Having said all of that stay off the freeways, they are clogged 24/7 I thought i had avoided them, but driving back from Santa Monica i got caught in a nasty freeway day (7 lanes heading West and not flowing, how many more could they want)
  • People in LA are friendly enough, I didn’t really speak to many, but they weren’t rude
  • Despite the stereotypes there was no violence that i could see, but i did stick to major roads etc. Probably a good tip for young players
  • LA Airport (LAX) is huge, It is basically 7 Sydney Airports lashed together. Make sure you know where you need to be
  • Hollywood is an interesting place, all souvenirs, strip clubs and erotic clothing store
  • Following the Stars on the ground was a good way to see all ends of the suburb and experience the locals (again I did’t really talk to many but listening to them talk about their last casting or their next big chance was amusing)
  • They were setting up for the Oscars as i was walking through, quite the production the old Oscars
  • Driving all the way down Sunset Strip is worth the time, Heading from Dodgers stadium to Santa Monica was a trip from a movie, seemed so surreal to be driving through so many recognisable landmarks
  • Big Joe’s pizza in Hollywood is the best i’ve ever had, huge slice and tasty despite the apparent lack of toppings
  • Lots of take away shop in LA, not much in the way of cuisine outside of the downtown area
  • I can certainly understand why people get chewed up and spat out in LA, you definitely need some street smarts or great luck, Glad i went but have definitely done it now
  • FYI I didn’t get discovered nor did i see any stars

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