New York was everything I expected, huge, bustling and never ceasing. Not so surprisingly it seemed like there was people going to do something all the time. It was great. Like New York I didn’t sleep either (I got in late and left really early two nights later) but there was still heaps of time to learn a lesson or two

  • Eat street food, It was great, I had a pretzel and a hot dog, both glorious
  • Everything is New York is a train ride away, I didn’t realize just how big a place NYC was with so many things to see and do
  • The subway seemed fine, people were relatively normal and sane, and I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Even the rats were just going about their business on the tracks
  • There is a massive homelessness issue in NYC. Every second person I walked past was asking for change. I must say they are a bit friendlier than the homeless in Sydney
  • I think people mistake New
  • Yorkers as rude, when in fact I think they are just involved in what they’re doing themselves they don’t have time care about your issues, which I kind of like. On the streets of New York you really are anonymous. Just another guy walking around
  • There is so much to do in New York. I think I needed another week to get close to what I wanted to achieve
  • 9/11 memorial site is moving, such a reverence about the site
  • The Guggenheim is a waste of time I think, a bit too arty for my tastes
  • The Met is amazing, could of spent a week in there, just arty enough
  • The Natural History Museum is cool, not like the movie which was a bit disappointing
  • Taxi’s are elusive, there is a million of them, and all of them seem to be booked all the time, Once you have one it is worth keeping, just in case you don’t ever get another
  • The park is breath in the middle of the bustle, I can see why New Yorkers are so proud of it
  • Going to the top of the Empire State Building was an experience, the city seemed serene. It was even better at night. Yes I went twice in a day. My ears popped like crazy
  • I liked visiting New York but I’m not sure if I could live there long term. Seems a bit suffocating if you let it overwhelm you and I think it would
  • Time Square is the brightest place I have ever been in my life. Son much movement and play going on, it’s a wonder New Yorkers don’t go blind
  • The Australian bar was all right, not as ocker as I would have expected, not as many Australians in there as I would have thought either. They must have been at Times Square
  • Would I go back to New York? Hell yes I would, especially when the Yankees are playing
  • The Next time I go, I want to catch a Broadway show and see a taping of a TV show, I am spewing I didn’t have the chance this trip

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