Philly took me by surprise, no wait, it ambushed me. I was expecting just a generic place with no real adventure present or expected. What I got was a town full of history and a story on every corner and a Cheesesteak. Just a great day had by All

  • The advantage of staying at a hostel is the potential for adventure, I turn up and it is pub-crawl night. HOORAY!
  • 7 Eleven in the USA does great chicken wings, and they are cheap, I mean dangerously cheap. I was considering eating only wings for the remainder of my trip
  • The Mint in Philly is like the Mint in Canberra, except the process of the presentation coins is much cheaper
  • The liberty bell was surprisingly powerful in its presence. I was taken aback by how much I could feel it. They do a great job of telling you the history and what it has come to mean. Worth having a look though
  • There are so many museums and historical houses to look through. Real old school buildings where some of the most important events in US history took place. Its great that they could preserve these monuments for over 200 years
  • I had a cheesesteak from a street vendor (I seem to be eating on the street a lot) It was good, but I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, just chopped steak with cheese on it in a roll
  • The old town is the place to be to party, such a cool vibe and a large variety of places to visit
  • Like New York, New Jersey is just across the river. Seems like that place missed all the action when they were handing out attractions for towns. No one I’ve spoken to has any desire to go there
  • Philly seems to have so much to offer, I can see why it was on the NY Times 52 places to visit. I would love to spend some more time there to really get a feel for the place (and to run up the stairs that feature in Rocky)

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