I was surprised by Quebec, stop number 4 from the New York Times 52 Places to visit. It is a town like none I’ve been too on this trip. Seemingly so rich and diverse yet distinctly it’s own brand and unashamedly so

  • Quebec is France, felt almost exactly the same
  • The people of Quebec are stereotyped as rude and arrogant, I can see why but I think it is more a case of they are direct. They get to the point without delay. They are more than happy to speak English but would really rather French
  • The dining and drinking is exquisite. Top notch. Especially the smoked meat. Mouth water and melts like butter. The local micro-brew scene is happening as well. I recommend the blonde
  • Quebec is the only walled city in North America, and boy is it walled, stupid high and hard to get around, but looks pretty covered in snow
  • Around every corner in the old town there is another little piece of French based history, looks spectacular
  • Whilst I was there there was a local Canoe race across the river. Trouble is the river was half frozen. I think some of the racers were using the icebergs to float across the river
  • Catching the train there was great to, very scenic and not too slow, quite a good morning staring out the window looking for a Moose (I didn’t see any)
  • It was snowing when I was there, more like sleet. Very fine snow. It was like walking around in a snow globe filled with glitter. The light was reflecting of the flakes. It was magic
  • Quebec is a great place to get lost it. So much to discover, I would gladly spend more time in Quebec, but I don’t think I could get used to the fair tail look of the place

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