Toronto is a cold place, but only in the weather. I was forewarned that Toronto is like America, People are rude and unhelpful but my experience was anything but. It was a big town but still people will give you the time of day (literally) if you ask them nicely

  • Toronto is a freezer, it was -16° when I arrived in the middle of the day, after Cuba that is a shock to the system. I thought my nose was going to fall off
  • Once you get past the sensation of cold it’s not that cold. Toughen up Princess
  • There is no cheap way to get town from the airport, until they finish building the rail link in a couple of months, D’oh!
  • In Downtown Toronto and the main business areas there are no shops at street level. I mean nothing, just building facades and entrances
  • All the shops are underground out of the cold whereby Toronto has connected almost every building downtowns into a network of shopping spaces and food courts, It’s called the PATH and I know why, I felt like I was led up it a couple of times. I got lost a couple of times, despite the maps and signs I still got lost
  • The Streetcars are cool; they are like old time trams. Don’t be fooled you still need to pay the $3 to use them. Apparently the fine is $350. I didn’t get one but seems a bit steep to me
  • Everything of note, e.g. attractions is always at the other end of town. You could walk but it is a hike across town
  • There seems to be a huge fascination with the English pub style in Toronto. They are everywhere
  • Food is served big and it is tasty but huge. I hope you brought your appetite
  • Snow is cool, but can be slippery. Be Careful
  • When snow melts it starts to run into the gutter across the day. It doesn’t evaporate due to the cold temps. Over night that water will freeze into a clear ice sheet across the foot path becoming near impossible to traverse without looking like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time
  • They love their sport in Toronto, go and watch a Maple Leafs game for passion
  • Toronto felt like Sydney to me, casual and relaxed but still a business center. I could live in Toronto I think
  • There are lots of little neighborhoods within neighborhood in Toronto, You’ll be walking don one street that starts out Chinatown-ish and it will end up like Newtown in Sydney, It’s crazy. Very cool place to explore as you’ll never know what’s coming up
  • Tourist information is readily available and easy to read and use, was great and has inspired me to seek Tourist information when I get to a new city. Found some really cool things to do
  • Take the Rogers Stadium tour, very big building with some interesting features
  • The CN was nice but a bit underwhelming, I’m not sure what I was expecting but the Toronto cityscape is no New York City

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