Cleveland is stop number 8 from and location number 21 on the New York Times 52 places to Visit in 2015. It was not a city I would have visited without it being on the list. It has never really interested me. I can surely appreciate why it is on the list. The city is truly building up a cultural and attraction base for visitors to enjoy but the major detraction for me was the lack of availability of cheap accommodation options.

  • As mentioned no cheap option for accommodation. Only real hotels from what I can gather, which is fine but you are limiting your options for tourism. A nice backpackers would not go astray
  • It is a small city where all the major attractions can be reached on foot from anywhere downtown. Having said that without these attractions there would be no reason to go downtown. Not much here besides offices. Not even underground, which I thought was an option but no. Just nothing
  • The sporting venues here are world class, they have it Baseball, indoor arena and huge football stadium. I bet it would be an awesome city to watch a game of anything, I’m sure the locals get behind all their teams
  • The Rock and Roll hall of Fame surprised me. I’m not particularly into music but I enjoyed it. There is something for everyone (I saw Elvis’s Army photo)
  • The Playhouse Square is Cleveland answer to Times Square. Looks like it would be fun when there are events on
  • The Horseshoe Casino is downtown as well, looks like a bit of fun and is the only Casino I’ve seen so far inside the city limits
  • There are lots of cool little eateries and bars and pubs
  • I was here for St Patrick’s day, the parade was a bit of fun, the locals really get into the spirit
  • Not much in the way of public transport, and it seems to be centered on one side of the city (Amazingly not where the students are, heaps of colleges here)
  • A small Homelessness problem, and they a bit more aggressive than elsewhere I have been
  • It is a pleasant city with little detractions. Otherwise not much to it
  • Would I visit again? Maybe to see a game but otherwise no. I think I’ve done Cleveland and I was here for almost exactly 24 hours

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