I would believe that visiting a nations capital would be a reflection of that nation but I think Washington DC is more of a reflection of what the USA wants to be. There is so much history and every square inch of the town tells a story of where the USA has been, where it is and where it is going. There are so many monuments, dedications and museums that a person could spend weeks analyzing and reviewing them all. It is true a treasure trove for the American people. It’s been a while since I have visited Canberra in such a capacity. I hope there are as many Australians analyzing and reviewing our national history through the prism of our desired reflections as there are American doing so

  • The Black American history is recognized and acknowledged with full disclosure, It’s a bit confronting coming from a country where it wasn’t such an issue
  • It is odd learning about another countries history and past realizing that you know quite a bit already. Maybe not the nitty gritty but definitely a broad overview quite comprehensively
  • Washington DC is a huge place, walking everywhere will kill your feet
  • All the national monuments and museums are free, be careful of the private museums, they will charge an arm and a leg
  • There are no shops in the capital center. If you need anything normal you will need to travels quite a few miles to get anything reasonably prices
  • Being such an important district in the US, there is such a low socio-economic demographic living in such close proximity to the people who are charged to assist these people. The most remarkable aspect of this situation is that they do not even have a representative in congress, not the house, not the senate, they are taxed without representation. The precise reason for the formation of the nation
  • There is a homelessness problem, but the authorities do a pretty good job of keeping it clear of the major tourist destinations
  • It is very easy for a foreign national to get a pass to enter the gallery to view the house or the senate. For US nationals, they need to leave the building and visit their congressman or senator for an access pass. Crazy I would have thought
  • The architecture of the District is amazing. Splendid to walk though what looks like an Edwardian England Scene
  • It is a shame the Capitol Building was under repair. Such a dignified and overarching building
  • The train out of DC leaves in the afternoon and travels all night. It is a pain if you are getting off half way through the trip because you get into your destination at 3am
  • The Smithsonian is not one museum it is 19. I’ve been talking about like it one venue. It’s not even all in the same city. The best one is the Space and Air Museum. So many cool aircraft and space artifacts. I saw the Wright Brothers plane and the lunar capsule from Apollo 11 just feet from each other
  • Would I return? I think so. I did miss a few of the major museums and there is more being built. I must say I am very glad I did Washington DC after Philadelphia and New York. A nice progression in the history of the US

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